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April 01, 2022
5 benefits of walking that’ll inspire you to up your step count, plus the simplest ways to walk more
Since UK covid restrictions have been lifted, you may have noticed your daily step count going back up. But, question: why is walking so good for you?
March 09, 2022
Walking Safety App Becon Brings Pedestrians Peace of Mind
Becon is the first fully automated walking safety app that monitors the user's device until they reach their destination. With four out of five British women and two in five men feeling unsafe walking alone after dark (ONS, 2021), the tool's developers hope to bring pedestrians peace of mind.
February 01, 2022
Best App for: Staying safe when out walking
True, there’s enough walking apps to shake a stick at. However, is there actually one that does more than just record how many steps you took and how long you were rambling?
December 31, 2021
Becon: The World’s First Fully Automated Walking Safety App
Becon, a lifestyle and technology brand focused on personal safety, launches the world’s first fully automated walking safety app – a revolutionary new digital tool, created to empower people to feel safer, more confident and independent when making journeys by foot.
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