How Becon Works
Becon makes it so quick and easy for you to add safety and peace of mind to any walking journey, without the need to give up your privacy or independence in exchange.
How Becon Works
Where to?
Open the app, tap a favourite destination or search for a new one, activate Becon and... off you go!
Becon monitors your device to look out for unusual speed, motion and location activity, until you reach your destination
All Good?
If a Safety Trigger is activated, then Becon will check in on you first by sending a timed, security-enabled notification to your device
If you don’t confirm your safety before the timer ends, your Key Contacts will be alerted instantly via SMS, with a message containing your last recorded location and the reason for the alert
What Our Users Are Saying
Gives me peace of mind
This app is fantastic. Not only is the installation and setup super simple, but the interaction through the app and the various functions within it are really well-built and very intuitive. It’s really quick, I love the automated features and frankly, I feel a lot safer using it. We need more apps like this!
Becon is a gift that keeps on giving. Now added with an SOS button quick in hand. Does exactly what it says it will do as well. All this for free showing that the developers really do care about the safety of those who download the app. I’ve recommended this app to a few friends too and they love it just as much as me. I don’t go anywhere without putting this app on to walk with me virtually!
Amazing app to be safe and FEEL safe
Can’t believe this wasn’t around earlier. Simple interface and functionality.... Would highly recommend
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